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Pre Settlement Funding

Pre settlement funding gives you a cash advance against the future proceeds from your pending lawsuit.  If you have a claim and an injury then you can take advantage of pre settlement funding and get an advance against your pending claim.  Many people need financial assistance to cover basic living expenses before their case settles.  Pre settlement funding is a way to get cash very quickly.  Upon approval, we can advance you funds within 24 hours.  You don;t have to worry about monthly payments or upfront payments because if you win your case, the funding company is paid back from the final settlement.  

You can receive pre settlement funding for almost any type of personal injury claim including auto accidents, medical malpractice claims, construction accidents, and slip and fall cases to name a few.  Give us a call and we can review your specific case with you.  

NPR Funding does not perform a credit check

All information is kept confidential

No upfront fees or monthly fees associated with pre settlement funding.

No Risk Lawsuit Loans and Pre Settlement Funding

There is no repayment is you lose your lawsuit. You only payback the funds if you win your case.

Quick and Easy Pre Settlement Loans

Cash in your hands within 24 hours of approval. We work with your lawyer or paralegal and our lawyers evaluate your case.

Lowest Rates and No Monthly Fees

No upfront fees and no monthly fees and no fine print.

Pre Settlement Funding FAQs

Who is eligible for a pre settlement funding advance?

If you have any attorney presenting you in a personal injury claim and are over the age of 18 then you pre qualify for pre settlement funding.  A few states have rules which restrict funding to larger cases.  For instance, cash advances in North Carolina must exceed $25,000.  This requires a very large case.  

Does pre settlement funding work like a traditional loan?

Many people use the term lawsuit loans to refer to pre settlement funding, they are actually non-recourse advances because you only repay the advance plus a fee if you win your case.  If you lose your case, then you don’t owe anything.  This is also the reason there are no employment or credit checks as with a traditional loan.  

How do I receive my money?

You can receive your cash advance via bank wire or overnight check.  We can also potentially provide a Western Union or other electronic transfer.  

What are some reasons why I may not receive funding?

Your case value may be too low to support an advance.  Also, your medical bills may be too large and take up the majority of your expected net recovery.  There may be problems with liability in your case.  If you caused the accident or causation is not clearly established, it can be difficult to receive funding.  

Only Borrow What You Need

A pre settlement cash advance can help you bridge the gap between your injury and your final settlement.  If there is enough room in your final net settlement, you can take multiple advances as your financial situation warrants to help you make ends meet.  Each of our founders have been involved in personal injury cases and understand the challenges you’re facing.  

Call today and apply for free.  We’ll go over the process and answer any additional questions you may have.  If you have been put behind by a personal injury caused by the negligence of another and then contact us and we’ll see if a pre settlement advance is right for your case and situation.  

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