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No Repayment if you lose your case.  You only pay back your advance if you win your case.  

We Work With Your Law Firm and Review Your Case Documents

Money can be sent within 24 hours of approval.  After we receive a few documents from your law firm, our lawyers quickly review and underwrite your case.  

We send you Cash within 24 Hours of Approval

Simple terms and low rates.  No monthly payments and no upfront payments.  Plus, no credit checks

Car Accident Loans from NPR Funding

Car accident loans are the most common type of pre settlement loan.  Auto accidents happen everyday and can involve motorcycles, trucks, cars, and any combination.  A car accident can place  a huge strain on your family and finances.  While you’re injured, meeting your financial obligations and living expenses can be a constant struggle.  Insurance companies often offer a low settlement since you are under financial duress.  With car accident loans, claimants can get the immediate funds they need for living, medical, and basic expenses while their attorneys pursue their case.    

Pre Qualify For Car Accident Loans

There are a few conditions for pre qualifying for car accident loans.  First, you have to be 18 years of age or older.  Next, you have to have a valid auto accident claim and finally you must have attorney who represents you on a contingency basis. 

How Much Can I Qualify For

The amount you qualify for depends on your case value.  NPR can advance about 10-15% of your expected case value.  Our underwriters are former and practicing auto accident attorneys so they evaluate your case conservatively and we can typically fund more than our competitors.  

Car Accident Loans and Your Insurance Coverage

When the case value of your damages exceeds your insurance coverage and the at fault driver, then there isn’t enough room for a funding lien.  As an example, if you have a substantial injury but the total policy coverage is only $50,000 then there isn’t enough room for funding.  

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